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One-to-One Business Leadership & Executive Development Coaching

“Many leaders believe the essence of human connection, and achievement, and all the success that comes from it is something they earn by being good enough, but it’s really something you develop by being willing enough.” – Jill Bornstein

Advancing with clear goals in mind

No matter where you are in your career journey, I can help you move forward. If you’re a high potential, looking to make a career pivot, an executive looking to lead differently or build a high-performing engaged team, I’ll develop a personalized program to help you reach your highest potential.

Let's work together one on one

High Potential New Leaders and Managers

High Potential New Leaders and Managers today are our CEOs of tomorrow, but often don’t have the early training or a plan to navigate what’s ahead. Harvard researchers have found that most managers don’t receive leadership training until they’ve held a leadership role for nearly a decade. Launch your career trajectory to lead yourself and others with clarity.

Rising Executives

Top-performing companies select insiders to lead 79% of the time, yet they don’t always follow-up with the requisite resources. I’ll help you become the leader your organization needs.

Female Leaders and Executives

It’s a fact: most women face unique challenges on their professional journeys. I’ll help you address specific issues you face, feel more empowered, and build the confidence you need to assume responsibilities and take charge.

Entrepreneur Leaders

Starting your own product or company can be complex. I help entrepreneurs navigate challenges, crystalize goals and strategize to succeed.

Emotionally Intelligent Executives

Emotional Intelligence is seen to be the greatest predictor of success, ahead of IQ or experience. I help develop connected, emotionally smart, thriving and successful workplace leaders.


Hogan Assessment and 360

GENOS Emotional Intelligence and 360

Team Assessments

Verbal 360 Process

"After a session with Jill on improving my delegation skills, I had a call with an employee who had 3 problems. In the past I would have fixed it with them. I responded differently than my normal approach due to you helping me come up with different strategies and I delegated all 3 of the issues quicker than normal (5 minute phone call versus 30 minutes). It was a small win, but definitely sped up the process for both of us and helped me find more time in the day to work on more strategic issues."

— A High Potential Leader

What is professional coaching?

Professional Coaching as defined by the ICF is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking, empathetic and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaches view the client as the expert in his or her professional life and believe every client is “creative, resourceful and whole”. I help each person to use his or her own talents to achieve the professional growth they seek.

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Coaching is a specific skill: a great business coach can coach anyone on anything. A business coach does not need experience or expertise in the topic of the conversation. They use skillful questioning, and a structured conversation, to support the coachee’s learning. This learning is achieved by the coachee through self-reflection, self-exploration of the options and thoughtful action. Mentoring is a reciprocal and collaborative at-will relationship that most often occurs between a senior and junior employee.

How long is a typical coaching assignment?

My individual coaching clients work with me over the course of three months, or up to a year. It depends on your goals and the size of your leadership challenge, as each plan is personalized.

Why is leadership coaching important?

Leadership coaching is a powerful development and management training tool to help motivated professionals and business leaders at all levels leverage the leadership skills within themselves to maximize performance. As an experienced coach, I help clients with understanding emotional IQ, accountability, decision making and confidence-building. You’ll sharpen your inherent leadership skills to help support your move to a management role or better motivate your teams and deliver specific personal, professional and organizational goals. Leadership coaching is done through a process of open-ended questions called active inquiry.

What should I expect from career coaching?

I work with clients to champion their professional success. Career coaches assist their clients in identifying personal goals, developing leadership skills and planning career moves. Every program is customized to meet each individual’s needs, but we generally tackle the following areas: developing a personal brand, understanding emotional IQ and getting clarity on goals and how to reach them, exploring new paths and designing career road maps, and mastering or sharpening skills such as networking and interviewing. Questions I may ask include: What has made you successful to date that you can you use to succeed in your next role? What is your future vision of your career? What is stopping you from achieving that future vision? How can your network support you in your goals?

Why do entrepreneurs at any stage need executive coaching?

A leadership coach can help you identify and achieve your most important professional and personal goals faster and easier than you could on your own. And while each coaching engagement is unique to the client, entrepreneurial coaching generally focuses on two areas. Professional goals of optimizing the role of the client and her team to improve scale, financial excellence, imposter syndrome, partner/investor relations, valuation, competitive advantage, strategic planning. Personal goals of fulfillment, purpose, legacy or leadership excellence.

What if I want to combine some of your coaching services?

That’s great! We can work together to develop a plan that suits your needs.

I have questions about your approach, pricing and packages. How do I reach you?

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