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“The ability to authentically connect with others allows individuals, teams and organizations to thrive, generate results and succeed.” – Jill Bornstein

Do you want to prepare your team today for tomorrow’s success?

I work with early stage thru mid-cap teams and organizations that are results driven but value the process of obtaining them just as much. Using proven models, I help leaders create teams that are motivated, connected, caring, and productive. Each program – whether it’s team coaching, leadership skills training, a workshop or speaking engagement – is customized to meet your needs and goals.

Lead your team to new heights

High Performance Team Coaching

The difference between a good team and a great team is understanding what make a high performing team, benchmarking where they are at and then closing the gaps to hit their mark. Teams with development and growth mindsets want everyone to succeed.  To achieve this state the team must first develop trust, truth and authentic connection. With team coaching  we identify the barriers and then work together as a system to overcome the challenges and incorporate their actions into their team strategy.

C.A.R.E.S. to Succeed©

According to Great Place to Work, “roughly half of employees worldwide don’t have a great workplace experience. The result is unhappiness, lower business performance and wasted human potential on a planetary scale.” In this workshop, leaders assess their C.A.R.E.S. values, identify pain points, develop strategic action plans and measurable goals to track future progress. Learn more about C.A.R.E.S. To Succeed© here

The Empowered Emotionally Intelligent Team

It’s been over 30 years since Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was coined, but that doesn’t mean today’s teams are using their EQ to improve communication, management, problem-solving, or relationships within the workplace. In this workshop, we level set with a current state assessment to help each participant become more self-aware of their own EQ. Building on that, we use a process to help teams develop and improve their skills. They walk away prepared to create better relationships with clients, coworkers, and beyond.

Building a Trusting and Inspiring Team Culture

Today’s workplace is forcing leaders and teams to look under the hood. It’s not just outstanding individual capabilities, objectives, strategy, and structure that will take the team to great heights. In our new normal of flexible workplaces – full remote, hybrid, occasional in person on sites – it is collaboration optimization, team character, purpose, and intentional culture development that will allow teams to soar!  Do you need a team culture reboot as part of your team onsite? If so, this program is for you.

Win By Laughing©: Culture by Intention

Jill Bornstein and Christine O’Leary, Stand Up Comedian and Corporate Comedy Coach have joined forces to offer your team a much-needed laugh so that you can achieve optimized trust, truth and intention around your culture. Culture by default is out. People don’t leave organizations, they leave broken cultures. This one day program, which kicks off with a fully coached “ice breaking” comedy set by the organization or team leader and then moves into trust and expectations development that will help your team improve connections, collaboration, interpersonal dynamics and development of intentional culture.

The Hogan Assessments, The behavior-based Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory (Genos EI) or TCI Team Diagnostic and debrief can be an add-on to team coaching and all workshops to assess how participants/teams show up at work or how well participants demonstrate emotionally intelligent workplace behaviors.

C.A.R.E.S. and what it stands for is an effective and positive way to lead. Our team was inspired by how the C.A.R.E.S. To Succeed© Program relates to motivating and engaging employees by helping them "feel good about their work" while getting results. After completing the assessment our team determined we were short on communicating a clear mission and vision. It was a great action item to take away from the training to help improve productivity for everyone.

— A Regional Sales Team

What is professional coaching?

Professional Coaching as defined by the ICF is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking, empathetic and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaches view the client as the expert in his or her professional life and believe every client is “creative, resourceful and whole”. I help each person to use his or her own talents to achieve the professional growth they seek.

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Coaching is a specific skill: a great business coach can coach anyone on anything. A business coach does not need experience or expertise in the topic of the conversation. They use skillful questioning, and a structured conversation, to support the coachee’s learning. This learning is achieved by the coachee through self-reflection, self-exploration of the options and thoughtful action. Mentoring is a reciprocal and collaborative at-will relationship that most often occurs between a senior and junior employee.

How long is a typical coaching assignment?

My individual coaching clients work with me over the course of three months, or up to a year. It depends on your goals and the size of your leadership challenge, as each plan is personalized.

Why is leadership coaching important?

Leadership coaching is a powerful development and management training tool to help motivated professionals and business leaders at all levels leverage the leadership skills within themselves to maximize performance. As an experienced coach, I help clients with understanding emotional IQ, accountability, decision making and confidence-building. You’ll sharpen your inherent leadership skills to help support you in your current or next role or better motivate your teams and deliver specific personal, professional and organizational goals. Leadership coaching is done through a process of open-ended questions called active inquiry.

What should I expect from career coaching?

I work with clients to champion their professional success. Career coaches assist their clients in identifying personal goals, developing leadership skills and planning career moves. Every program is customized to meet each individual’s needs, but we generally tackle the following areas: developing a personal brand, understanding emotional IQ and getting clarity on goals and how to reach them, exploring new paths and designing career road maps, and mastering or sharpening skills such as networking and interviewing. Questions I may ask include: What has made you successful to date that you can you use to succeed in your next role? What is your future vision of your career? What is stopping you from achieving that future vision? How can your network support you in your goals?

Why do entrepreneurs at any stage need executive coaching?

A leadership coach can help you identify and achieve your most important professional and personal goals faster and easier than you could on your own. And while each coaching engagement is unique to the client, entrepreneurial coaching generally focuses on two areas. Professional goals of optimizing the role of the client and her team to improve scale, financial excellence, imposter syndrome, partner/investor relations, valuation, competitive advantage, strategic planning. Personal goals of fulfillment, purpose, legacy or leadership excellence.

What if I want to combine some of your coaching services?

That’s great! I have attached below a sample plan from a client who participated in both individual coaching as well as team coaching. This is a similar model to what most of my clients choose to do. We can work together to develop a plan that suits your needs.


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