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Workplace Connection Orbs: How Will You Impact Yours?

Developing connected workplaces is all the buzz.

Some organizations are fully in person and workplace connection hasn’t improved. Others are fully remote but  have high levels of human connection.

Connected workplaces aren’t just about being in the same physical location. We have all been in a large roomful of people and still felt disconnected.

Real connection happens in the how and the what. The where only matters once those are a focus.

Working with Organizations and Leaders over the past 18 months what I have observed is when there is an understanding of and intention around the 4 connection orbs, creating a more connected workplace can happen no matter how your organization is physically structured. (In person, hybrid, remote)

Want to start taking charge of your workplace connection orb to develop more meaningful human connections? Here are a few questions to help get you started.

  • How well do I know myself and what skills do I need to focus on to have more meaningful interactions?

  • How can I be more intentional in one-to-one interactions with others to make them feel seen, valued, heard, and understood?

  • How can I lead my team differently so that connections come alive in our daily culture?

  • What organizational strategies and systems do we need to put in place to bolster connection and make it a workplace priority?

We all have a role to play in bringing our human to work. How are you leading with connection?


Jill Bornstein is the founder of Upnext Leadership Coaching. She is here to help you make an impact in your connection orb. To learn more visit

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