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Inspiring Comfort Summer Summit: The Power of Knowing Your Worth

Upnext Founder Jill M Bornstein was in Wisconsin last week at the Inspiring Comfort Summer Summit: Showing Up Together to share her wisdom around the power of Knowing Your Worth. The theme of her presentation centered around understanding that when you are grounded in your Why, you are more able to show up for others in our communities, the workplace, and life in general. 

She had the audience ask themselves: Have you done the work to know your work why and personal why? Do you have clarity on your purpose, values, and unique edge? Can you clearly state your value proposition? It is critical to be able to answer these questions as these are the basis for understanding your value and confidently speaking up to make sure it is you who determines what you are worth! 

Inspiring Comfort, dedicated to cultivating human care and connection, is the pioneer in establishing comfort as a teachable skill. Their mission is to create a culture of comfort in our society. The training that Inspiring Comfort and their certified trainers offer is needed more than ever in society today. A big thanks to Jen Marr for including Upnext in your summit. It was an honor to present at the summit and it was great to leave feeling recharged and energized about the power of human care and connection!


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