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Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Less Than Ideal Cultures

Organizations don’t set out to have less than ideal cultures.

Don’t fall into one of these three common pitfalls that drive bad culture. If you do, there is still time to take action to impact your 2023 culture.

1) Organizations/teams not taking the upfront time to define, align and discuss how they will hold themselves accountable to values, behaviors and working norms they want to achieve to create their culture.

2) Leaders moving into new roles relying on what got them to where they are without rebooting and doing a deep dive with their direct reports on values, behaviors and working norms that support their purpose and strategy.

3) Long time Leaders not refreshing, just assuming, that everyone is aligned and understands behaviors and working norms that support the values to get their strategy across the finish line.

Values, behaviors and working norms are your culture. No matter how new or developed your organization/team is there is no time like the present to focus on the items that are your culture to achieve your strategy.

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