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Upnext Leadership Coaching specializes in developing high potential leaders, rising executives and healthy teams at early stage thru mid-cap companies unlock their full potential so they can lead with intention and thrive in today’s workplace.

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One-to-One Coaching and Assessments

One-to-one Coaching is for leaders who have exciting, important, or daunting goals who want to achieve them and create success so they can soar.

  • Rising Executives: Become the executive you want to be and the impactful leader your organization needs
  • High Potential New Leaders and Managers: Clarify your leadership approach, develop your personal brand and strengthen your team
  • Female Leaders and Executives: Empower yourself and build confidence to take charge
  • Entrepreneur Leaders: Crystalize your vision, overcome challenges and strategize to succeed
  • Emotionally Inteligent Executives: Embrace active empathy and C.A.R.E.S. to Succeed as a key Framework for professional success
One-to-One Coaching

The Connected Team and Leader

Team Coaching, Leadership Skills Training, Workshops and Key Notes

These customized programs are for leaders and organizations that seek to make engagement, trust, and connection a critical component of their work cultures.

  • High-Performance Team Coaching
  • Building a Trusting and Inspiring Team Culture
  • C.A.R.E.S. to Succeed©
  • Win by Laughing©: Culture by Intention
  • The Empowered Emotionally Intelligent Team
Training and Workshops


I worked with Jill to evaluate how I could improve connectedness and communication on my 90 person geographically diverse and highly specialized research team. Jill helped me think through exactly what connection means to me and why, along with transparent communication, it is critically important to recruitment and retention of top talent as well as to the success of the growing business that I lead. We brainstormed specific and actionable metrics that I am using to gauge progress toward these goals. Jill asked great probing questions that helped me to frame the key issues and challenges as well as solutions using a broad lens. Jill is practical and easy to work with, and she brings a diverse set of leadership experiences and skills to the table in a very effective way.

— A Female Executive

Working with Jill has been a game-changer for me. I've been able to grow into my role and fully embrace the accountability and development of not only myself in my position but within and across the company as a whole. I've really appreciated the learning experiences and the understanding of my personality fitting in the role that I have.

— Start Up Executive

I started meeting with Jill during a very challenging time in my career. I had several team members leave the company unexpectedly to pursue new opportunities resulting in workload increases for the remaining team members. Also during this time I was given the opportunity to take on my first people management role and was forced to deal with many political obstacles regarding the move to this position. As someone who can sometimes be too accommodating and have difficulties saying no, Jill helped me workshop dozens of conversations to identify not only the desired outcome but also the best ways to be more assertive when needed. She also helped me every step of the way during the transition to my people management role. She guided me to identify my management style and note key learnings from previous managers. Our sessions have given me confidence to navigate many difficult conversations as well as helped me identify my leadership and communication styles. I have felt that she genuinely cared about my personal and career growth and am excited to continue our coaching sessions.

— A New Manager and High Potential Leader

“I worked with Jill on starting my consulting business after retiring and wondering "What is up next for me?". She provided a safe, yet challenging series of inquiries for me as a budding entrepreneur, that quickly focused me on what I truly wanted to do with my business. Jill is the real deal - she cares about me making progress in the direction I want to go and provided me with insights into, not only myself, but suggested resources to get me smart in short order. I highly recommend Jill as an executive coach and consultant for budding entrepreneurs who need clarity, focus and the conviction to begin.”

— A Flourishing Entrepreneur

"After a session with Jill on improving my delegation skills, I had a call with an employee who had 3 problems. In the past I would have fixed it with them. I responded differently than my normal approach due to you helping me come up with different strategies and I delegated all 3 of the issues quicker than normal (5 minute phone call versus 30 minutes). It was a small win, but definitely sped up the process for both of us and helped me find more time in the day to work on more strategic issues."

— A High Potential Leader

C.A.R.E.S. and what it stands for is an effective and positive way to lead. Our team was inspired by how the C.A.R.E.S. To Succeed© Program relates to motivating and engaging employees by helping them "feel good about their work" while getting results. After completing the assessment our team determined we were short on communicating a clear mission and vision. It was a great action item to take away from the training to help improve productivity for everyone.

— A Regional Sales Team

Since starting with Jill, I have been able to improve in multiple areas that have made considerable impacts on my professional development. First, Jill encouraged me to expand my network but emphasized the importance of adequately preparing for those conversations. This effort was complementary to other areas I was working on, related to my ability to lead my team - having difficult conversations. Much of what I was doing to expand my network was easily translated to enabling challenging conversations. It was the preparation, asking the right questions, and treating people the way you would those who are closest to you that led to successful outcomes. UpNext Leadership Coaching has been a transformative experience for me. Jill's coaching and guidance have given me the confidence to better lead my team, expand my network, and engage in challenging conversations, successfully.

— A Seasoned Director

I highly recommend Upnext for any individual or company that is seeking leadership coaching. Jill has helped me come out of my shell further and made me realize aspects about myself that I hadn't known prior. Her conversational-like methods provide an easy forum to be more open about areas of improvement and her solutions will see almost immediate results.

— Functional Leader

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